Edu Advisors Poland

Edu Advisors Poland Membership Program was established in 2015 by founders of Foundation for Students Development. Global problem in access to high standard education convinced us to establish Edu Advisors Program. It is dedicated for youth and its aim is to  share the opportunities offered by polish educational sysytem with students from developing countries.

Our mission is to encourage students from Middle East and Asia in taking the next step to self-improvement by joining the recruitment process  to the best Universities of Eastern Europe located in Poland.

Team of our professionals in cooperation with mentors of EduAdvisors program are constantly working on creating new solutions, which directly answer to the problems of our members in matters of their future education plans.

We believe that making the better educated world is the key to the improvement of global living standards and fighting the poverty.


Edu Advisors Membership Program successfully contributed in development of educational plans of students from i.a. Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and many more.

Our experience in advisory services, highly devoted team and the sympathy of our private and public partners in Poland and abroad, build all together the foundation for our success. We encourage you to make the baste investment that can be made, that will cost you only 5 minutes – the investment in yourself!

Edu Advisors Membership Program gives you a chance to understand the possibilities in how to take the next step in self-improvement by joining the best Universities of Eastern Europe located in Poland.

„If you want something you’ve never had You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”  – Thomas Jefferson

Each member that joins Edu Advisory Membership Program is provide by following services:

  1. Access to the Guide on best universities in Europe located in Poland,
  2. Support in going through visa and migration procedure,
  3. Periodical update on recruitment and faculty details at the selected universities,
  4. Certified membership in Edu Advisors Club
  5. and many more benefits!

With our help, You can get a unique chance to continue Your higher education in best universities in Europe located in Poland – do not miss it!


  1. Fill in Your application form at and follow instructions,
  2. Chose the most appropriate membership package for your needs and register,
  3. Get an information about upcoming meeting with ambassador in your country,
  4. Meet our ambassador,
  5. Apply to the best Universities in Poland,
  6. Start the journey of your life !

Due to  the fact that Edu Advisors Program is upkeep by the donations and member fees, we are obliged to inform You that joining the program is followed by one-time fee, depending on Your country of origin and the currency exchange rate. Thanks to the financial help of our members, we are able to develop the program in Your country. Sadly our founds are not sufficient to cover 100% of the cost of your participation in the Program. You will find more information on the membership fees after filling out the application form on our website

You can find more information at the website of the program –